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Safar Jal - An Instant Energy Booster

Safar Jal - An Instant Energy Booster

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Murabba Bahi Safar Jal

Safar Jal by Islamic Foods stands as a beacon of authenticity and safety within the world of herbal remedies. It is our pleasure to share that this remarkable product has been thoroughly tested and officially registered by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(PCSIR). Our Brand is also SECP Registered with a name of "Home Made and Pure Foods SMC PVT LTD".

This distinction underscores its status as a genuine and 100% herbal formulation. This comprehensive test passing is exclusive to Islamic Foods, serving as undeniable evidence of its originality and uncompromising quality. Consequently, discerning consumers can rest assured that any other brands claiming to offer the same product are peddling imitations. Your health and trust are paramount to us, and we are committed to providing you with nothing but the very best.

• Would you like to live a happy married life and be the best version of yourself?
• Are you satisfied with your current energy body level and
• Do you want to be strong and fit but are unable to find a roadmap?
• Do you think you cannot achieve 100% desired results?
• Is Laziness and internal weakness affecting your weekly progress?

Introducing a natural solution for Men's well-being, Safar Jal by Islamic Foods is made up of over 40 pure herbal ingredients. Our natural solution is designed to help you overcome internal weaknesses, boost your energy levels, and help you enjoy your married life with full vigor.

Our unique formula contains essential ingredients such as Salajeet, Amber, Honey, Mastic Gum, Marvari, Kharateen, Regmahi, Saffron, Kholanjaan, Bisbasa, Jauz, Karanphool, Jadwaar, Wark nakra, Salab Misri, Museli White, Isgan, and Ginseng.

These ingredients are carefully selected to provide you with the best natural solution for your well-being.

Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your endurance, a busy professional wanting to boost your energy levels, or simply seeking a natural solution to help you overcome your bodily weaknesses and boost men's well-being, Islamic Foods Safar Jal is the answer.

With Islamic Foods Safar Jal, you can enjoy the benefits of a natural solution without any harmful chemicals or side effects. Our natural solution is perfect to provide you with results in as little as 3-4 days, and there's no need for expensive long-term courses.

Don't let internal weaknesses and decreased bodily functions affect your life. Try Safar Jal by Islamic Foods today and experience the difference.

Our product contains only 100% pure herbal ingredients, ensuring that there are no chemicals or side effects.

Experience results in as little as 3-4 days.

• No long-term expensive courses are required to see the benefits.
• Quality of results.

Choosing this solution might be the decision of your life.

IT CONTAINS: Sala'jeet Amber Chiry ki char magaz chandi ky warq Honey Mastic Gum Marvari Kharateen Regmahi Saff'ron Kholanjaan Bisbasa Jauz Karanphool Jadwaar Wark nakra Salab Misri Museli White Isgan Gins'eng Etc.

How to Use?

Take a half teaspoon daily before going to bed with a glass of milk.

Certainly, here are some tips for using Safar Jal effectively:

1. Stay Hydrated: Consume at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. Hydration is essential for the proper functioning of your body.

2. Balanced Diet: Ensure you eat at least three well-balanced meals every day. Include a variety of foods to provide your body with the necessary nutrients.

3. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Make fresh fruits and vegetables a part of your daily diet. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to your overall well-being.

4. Milk at Night: Drinking a cup of milk before bedtime is a good habit. It can help improve your sleep quality and provide essential 

By following these tips along with Safar Jal, you can achieve better results and maintain your overall health.

Please contact us at 03058631323 for any further support and queries. 

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Customer Reviews

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Khalid Mahmood

Safar Jal - An Instant Energy Booster


Safar Jal - An Instant Energy Booster

Syed Naqvi
Best for Performance

Highly Recommended Herbal Product. I am feeling energetic and active. My Performance is 200% increased. JazakAllah Islamic Foods for this Premium and Affordable Gift for us.

Ghazi Rasheed
Premium Quality

Safar Jal by Islamic Foods is really a premium and natural products. I felt so powerful after 3 days use. Alhamdulillah 💯

Naveed Q

100% Natural Cheez hai brothers, really impressed by the quality. Recommended to every one.